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Advanced CNC Innovations
A Division of CNC Accessories
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About Us
  CNC-Accessories was started when Eric Powers recognized the high demand and cost associated with cabinet shop cnc machine consumables.  Soon, several molds were designed to meet or exceed original equipment specs, and replacement parts were sold at substantial savings to customers over OEM.   Soon after, Advanced CNC Innovations was formed with the help of Shawn Brunson to implement over 25 years of combined experience to design and build a BETTER vacuum pod system.  The ACI matrix pod was a big hit with it's matrix style surface and removable/rotatable parts.  In addition, it's relatively low cost and flexibility found it's way into the wood shop to compete with the "high dollar" originals.  Today, over 930 customers rely on ACI to provide low cost pods and pod replacement parts quickly and inexpensively.


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