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  Do you have parts in stock?    
Yes, over the years, ACI has shipped 98.3% of it's orders within 1 business day. 

Can you ship the parts out overnight? 
Absolutely.  If you can get the order to us by noon, it can be prepared and shipped for tomorrow's use!

Do your pod covers stain the wood like the more expensive covers do? 
NO!!  We use the highest quality materials for your covers.  We don't chop up old dirty greasy covers and re-use the rubber like some places do!

How do we know your parts work?...I mean, I have ordered from a cat before and was left holding the litter?   
You don't....until you try one!  Provided the parts are not damaged upon their return, we will gladly refund your money if you are not satisfied.  Beware, some "shady" companies will make replacement parts, ask for money up front and then NOT ship the parts, or ship parts that DON'T work.  Fortunately, our design team knows how to make the pods correct the first time! We are still waiting for that "unsatisfied" call! 

Some parts are patented.  Do you copy patented parts?   
Absolutely NOT!  All parts are legit.  Especially the ACI matrix pod which is protected by our government issued patent.  In other words, there are no illegal "copy cats" here!
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