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Introducing the new ACI router table pod. This vacuum pod has been designed to be used on any flat table router. It is made so that vacuum can be supplied from under the pod or through fittings in the side of the pod. These fittings allow a separate top and bottom vacuum. Having a top and bottom vacuum allows the pod to be locked in place using the bottom vacuum while also allowing the placement, holding, and removal of the part to be machined using the top vacuum.

These fittings in the side of the pod also allow for the daisy chaining of the pods. This means you can hook the vacuum pods together using a 6 mm airline. With the pods daisy chained, you can use a single source of vacuum to control an entire group of pods. With this type of configuration there is an unlimited number of possibilities to the kind of vacuum arrangement for your vacuum pods.

If you would like more information on this vacuum pod or any other of our products. Be sure to email us at sales@advancedcncinnovations.com
The ACI Matrix Pod is designed to go on machines that use the K-table vacuum system. This vacuum pod holds several advantages over the K1 vacuum pod purchased from the OEM. This vacuum pod can rotate 360 degrees without using any tools. It has a matrix grid on the top to allow the placement of the sealing gasket in different channels. This way you can hold a panel smaller than the pod top. Since the top is made from plastic instead of rubber, it can be repaired, which makes the pod life longer. All parts on this pod can be purchased separately, unlike the OEM where you must purchase an entire vacuum pod if you need a small repair. The ACI Matrix Pod is also less expensive than the OEM vacuum pods.  

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