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Vacuum Pods
Vacuum Pod 125mm X 75mm X 100mm tall
This rotating half-pod works on the aluminum rails. It features a replaceable plastic pod top and low cost rubber cover. It is very easy to disassemble and clean. With the assistance of an 8mm allen key, this pod will rotate and lock down at ANY angle. Which machines will it fit? All machines that have pod/rail with screen covered magnets for vacuum activation. Associated parts: rubber cover, p/n: 24201000
Price: $200.00 Model Number: 075125100R
Vacuum Pod 75mm X 125mm
This vacuum pod replaces the 100 mm tall vacuum pod that is 75mm X 125mm.
Price: $170.00 Model Number: 075125100
Vacuum Pod 140mm X 115mm
This vacuum pod replaces the 100 mm tall vacuum pod that is 140mm X 115mm. This is for your existing pod and rail system. Many customers replace their 160mm X 115 mm vacuum pod with this pod as well at a much lower cost than OEM..
Price: $170.00 Model Number: 140115100
Filter Screen
This filter is used in the pod top and bottom. It comes in 15.05mm in diameter and can also be used in many of the aluminum rails on the table.
Price: $4.50 Model Number: 34011014
Suction cup 116 x 87
This is a replacement suction cup seal for Biesse point to point machines. It is 116 mm x 87 mm.
Price: $10.50 Model Number: 31401000